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Aquaman Animated Maquette Full Size Statue

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Aquaman Animated Maquette Full Size Statue

DC Direct

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Cool superhero Aquaman Animated Maquette , a great Aquaman toy from Dc Direct. I feel you will like that the toy features this feature of meticulously hand painted porcelain super hero statue. Additional features include things like recommended for ages 10 and up and limited edition collectors statue. It weighs something like 2 lbs. The model number for this awesome toy is 23615. Purchasing a Aquaman Animated Maquette .

DC Direct's JUSTICE LEAGUE ANIMATED MAQUETTE series has been flying off the shelves, so to assist maintain up with popular demand we introduce a special eighth member towards the line-up! The AQUAMAN maquette, sculpted by John G. Mathews, stands around 9"high x 4. Featuring the super heroes as they seem in the exciting new WB animated series on the Cartoon Network, these statues are depending on models created for the series as the definitive models on which to base their drawings and merchandise. Packaged inside a 4-color box. The brooding King of the Seven Seas joins teammates Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Martian Manhunter, Green Lantern, and Hawkgirl. 25"wide x 4"deep.


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